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Since Vietnam opened its door to welcome foreigners, many inter-marriages have come into being, in most cases between Vietnamese women and foreign men. In your opinion, do you think they can live happily with each other? Do they have any problems in their marital life? And how can they overcome their differences?

First of all, different language leads to difficulties in communication. Then, different customs and ways, cause a lot of conflicts in their daily life. For example, they have different eating habits, ways of dressing, social behavior, and even way of educating their children. In addition, different religions or beliefs, generate differences in spiritual life; different viewpoints on life, lead to conflicting ideas and aims; different tastes in art, music, movies etc. also cause different ways of entertaining.

However, they can overcome those problems, if they are really and deeply in love. Their true love helps them overcome their differences. To adapt themselves to a new community, one spouse should learn about his or her partner’s languages and cultures. They have to help each other, to be aware of their cultural and custom differences, then work mutually, in order to bridge the gap in their cultures. Many intermarried couples who have passed this test, can live happily with each other.

In fact, many Vietnamese ladies get married to foreigners, not because of true love, but of a dream of a comfortable life in a foreign country. Thus, how can they live happily with each other? Moreover, Vietnamese ladies are treated very badly, and sometimes are deceived by their foreign husbands or husbands’ families. When they follow their husbands to their “promising land”, they are forced to work as servants, even prostitutes. They have to serve their disable or too old husbands. More dangerously, some Vietnamese ladies were killed or killed themselves. Thus, I think that these girls may suffer a miserable life, instead of a good life as they thought.

So, what do you think of this matter? Should Vietnamese girls get married to foreigners?

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